• ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

    ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

    Thu - 23 Jul 2020

    A Localized ERP solution for the companies in which the processes are...

  • E-Commerce


    Thu - 23 Jul 2020

    A Smart Solution for B2B, B2C & C2C which supports all the process chain...

  • Custom Software

    Custom Software

    Thu - 23 Jul 2020

    Relying on Behineh Iran Software Production Line (SPL) including design...


Business Process Reengineering BPR

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) means identifying, evaluating, redesigning and mechanizing business processes in order to increase productivity and improve the organizational structure of the enterprise. Studies of executive experience have shown that process-oriented organizations perform many times faster and better than organizations with traditional methods.

Construction project management consulting based on building information modeling BIM

Building information modeling (BIM), known as the revolution taking place in the construction industry, is a 3D digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building (project) over its life cycle. In this context, first the comprehensive three-dimensional model of the project is prepared using building information modeling software and then the required outputs are prepared by enriching the model obtained from data from different areas of the project.

The words of the CEO

We believe that the use of advanced organizational software is a management solution to meet the needs of companies and organizations for their development and excellence, which should be accompanied by a change in attitude and support of senior management. At Behineh Iran, we have based our strategy on Development of Smart Enterprise Resource Planning Software and believe that relying on Iranian knowledge and expertise, we will provide the best advanced organizational software tailored to the needs of the Iranian industrial and commercial community. To be along with those who want to be better.

Mohsen Latifi Behineh Iran CEO

Behineh Iran Products

ERP Software

Development and implementation of comprehensive enterprise resource management systems (ERP) to mechanize all processes and operations Companies and organizations based on the latest technology in the world and in accordance with the Iranian business culture

E-Commerce Platform

A Smart Solution for B2B, B2C & C2C which supports all the process chain from purchase to sale and delivery management services.

Custom Software

Design and development of tailor made software based on specific goals and processes of organizations using the knowledge-based infrastructure, along with process optimization

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